Here you can find the operator manuals for all of our models. Click the appropriate model number to start the download.

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Standard Fridges

BIO130FRSS Underbench Fridge, Sparkfree Interior (130L) .PDF
BIO170FRSS Underbench Fridge, Optional Sparkfree Interior (170L) .PDF
BIO290FRSS Upright Fridge, Sparkfree Interior (290L) .PDF
BIO360FRSS Upright Fridge, Sparkfree Interior (360L) .PDF
BIO350FRS Upright Fridge (350L) .PDF
BIO521FRS Upright Fridge (520L) .PDF
BIO600FRS Upright Fridge (600L) .PDF
BIO1400FRS Upright Double Door Fridge (1400L) .PDF

Standard Freezers

BIO102FZSS Underbench Freezer, Sparkfree Interior (102L) .PDF
BIO110FZSS Underbench Freezer, Optional Sparkfree Interior (110L) .PDF
BIO270FZSS Upright Freezer, Sparkfree Interior (270L) .PDF
BIO305FZSS Upright Freezer, Sparkfree Interior (310L) .PDF
BIO350FZS Upright Freezer (350L) .PDF
BIO521FZS Upright Freezer (525L) .PDF
BIO600FZS Upright Freezer (600L) .PDF
BIO1400FZS Upright double door Freezer (1400L) .PDF


Standard Fridge/Freezers

BIO300FRZS Upright Fridge/Freezer (300L) .PDF
BIO320FRZS Upright Fridge/Freezer (320L) .PDF

Standard Chest Freezers

BIO445FZSCL Chest Freezer, Sparkfree Interior (445L) .PDF
BIO525FZSC Chest Freezer, Sparkfree Interior (525L) .PDF
BIO605FZSC Chest Freezer, Sparkfree Interior (605L) .PDF


Standard Low Temp Chest Freezers

BIO135FZSC-45 Chest Freezer Low Temperature, -45 ° C (136L) .PDF
BIO235FZSC-45 Chest Freezer Low Temperature, -45 ° C (237L) .PDF
BIO315FZSC-45 Chest Freezer Low Temperature, -45 ° C (314L) .PDF

Standard Glass Door

BIO370FRSGD Upright Fridge, Glass Door (370L) .PDF
BIO600FRSGD Upright Fridge, Glass Door (600L) .PDF


Budget Fridges

BIO120FRB Underbench Fridge (119L) .PDF
BIO250FRB Upright Fridge (249L) .PDF
BIO370FRB Upright Fridge (370L) .PDF

Budget Freezers

BIO100FZB Underbench Freezer (105L) .PDF
BIO195FZB Upright Freezer (205L) .PDF
BIO370FZB Upright Freezer (370L) .PDF


Budget Fridge/Freezers

BIO290FRZB Upright Fridge/Freezer (290L) .PDF

Budget Chest Freezers

BIO100FZBCL Chest Freezer (102L) .PDF
BIO200FZBCL Chest Freezer (173L) .PDF
BIO300FZBCL Chest Freezer (292L) .PDF
BIO400FZBCL Chest Freezer (350L) .PDF
BIO500FZBCL Chest Freezer (440L) .PDF